One-Line Bio

A Middle East expert with 35 years experience in the region.


Ned possesses a unique depth of knowledge and experience in the issues of the Middle East. Throughout a diplomatic career spanning 35 years, he served Republican and Democratic Administrations alike in key Ambassadorial positions, including Egypt, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and at our UN mission in New York. He served as Assistant Secretary for the Middle East under both the Albright and Powell State Departments. Ned has personally worked with every Middle East leader, except Libya, with whom the US has relations. After retiring from the US Government, Ned became the President of the Middle East Institute (; a 60-year-old Washington-based non-governmental organization. He held this position for five years. He recently resigned to take up the position of Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Professorship of Global Political Theory at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. He now divides his time between Washington, DC and Clinton, NY. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Hamilton College and a Master’s degree in International Relations from Boston University. He is the recipient of various US Government honors and has an honorary doctorate from Hamilton College.


theatre, foreign policy, writing, teaching, democracy, foreign assistance, public diplomacy